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September 2018

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How to spot synthetic identity theft

Are You an Unknowing Victim of Synthetic ID Theft?

You know what identity theft is. But are you up to speed on synthetic identity theft? If not, you should be. It's lesser known, but according to the FTC, synthetic ID theft is the fastest growing form of identity theft.


Let's define it: Synthetic ID theft is a type of fraud that combines fake, usually stolen, information to create a new identity to open fraudulent accounts. It's the fastest growing form of ID theft, but less is known about it than other forms.


Again, according to the Federal Trade Commission, this type of fraud accounts for as much as 85 percent of credit card fraud cases.


The big picture: It's estimated that last year $355 million in outstanding credit card balances belonged to people who didn't exist. The most susceptible to this fraud are children and immigrants. Get the details and ways to protect yourself and your family. Click the Read More button.

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Estimated tax and withholding campaign

When the IRS Speaks, Do We Listen?

The IRS has launched a campaign to help specific groups of taxpayers avoid an estimated tax penalty by paying the right amount of tax all year.


This campaign which started September 6, 2018, is aimed at helping wage earners, retirees, small business and self-employed individuals to meet the upcoming September 17 deadline for quarterly estimated tax payments.


It also encourages everyone to perform a Paycheck Checkup.


Why it matters: Due to the changing tax codes at the end of 2017 many taxpayers could face an unexpected tax bill and/or penalties if they have not become familiar with these changes and how they are affected by them.


Click the Read More button to get the details of this recent announcement and campaign.

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Deductr Webinars

This is How You Look Forward to Tax Time

It won't be long. There will be a chill in the night air, the leaves will begin to change, and before you know it you'll be scrambling to get all your tax info together!


Sign up for our free LIVE webinar on Thursday, September 19th at 9:00 PM Eastern time and see how the mad year-end scramble for tax info can become a thing of the past.


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